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Luger Artillery

German WWI Artillery Luger Holster with Wood Buttstock Set


Artillery Luger Leather Holster With Wood Buttstock




Luger Artillery 1914-1920 Holster Loop with stud


Luger Artillery Stock Closure Flap


Luger Artillery Rear Site 100-800 meter with pin punch


Denix Replica Denix Classic German WWII Artillery Luger Non-Firing


Luger Parabellum - German Lange Pistole 08 - WWII - Artillery - Denix Replica


Luger Navy & Artillery Stock Iron Strawed lever & Stock Iron Screws w/ Pin Punch


Luger Artillery WWI Cleaning Rod 10"


Luger WWI Artillery Stock Iron Boot


Denix Replica Denix Classic German 1917 WWI Artillery Luger Non-Firing, M1144


Luger Artillery Top Strap 8 5/8" long & lower board stock loop with studs


MGC Model Gun Company Artillery Luger WWI RARE RMI 1960s Japan


Luger Artillery Holster Board Stock Leather Strap


Luger ARTILLERY shoulder strap with machined button connectors. Navy/ Artillery


Luger Artillery Stock Iron Cup and Strap Black


Luger Artillery 1920 Commercial Cleaning Rod


Luger Artillery Iron Attaching Latch O.E.M.


Luger Artillery Black Holster Quality Leather


Luger Artillery leather parts for Artillery Stock & Holster Assembly 4 piece set


Repro German WWI Long Artillery Luger P-08 P08 Black Leather Holster


Original WW1 Artillery Luger Holster - 1916 Erfurt manufacture


Luger Artillery Rear Sight Spring, Front lock Down Screw & Elevator Pin kit


Luger P-08 8" inch Artillery Holster w. Stock Straps - BROWN LEATHER Takedown


Luger Artillery Rig board band for holster tip


Luger P-08 8" Artillery Holster w. Stock Strap & Magazine Pouch - BROWN


Luger Artillery Board Holster Tip Strap with stud


Latest Luger P-08 8" Artillery Holster w. Stock Straps - DARK BROWN


Luger P-08 8" Artillery Holster w. Stock Straps - DARK BROWN