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Microscope Stain

AMSCOPE-KIDS Microscope Slide Preparation Kit with Microtome, Slides, Stains


AmScope SK-5 Bacteria Stains Stain Kit - 5 Chemicals 4 Making Microscope Slides


NC-3249 Gram Stain Set, 4oz, Microscope slides, smears, bacteria


AmScope SK-3E Simple Stains Stain Kit of 3 Chemicals 4 Making Microscope Slides


AmScope SK-6 Vital Stain Kit - 7 Stains for Microscope Slides


AmScope Vital Stain Kit for Living Cells – Microscope Slide Stains, Pipettes


AmScope SK-3N Negative Stains Stain Kit - 3 Chemicals 4 Making Microscope Slides


AmScope Vital Stain Kit for Living Cells– Microscope Stains, Pipettes, 50 Slides


AmScope Microscope Slide Making Kit – Stain Synthetic Balsam, Forceps


9149 Quality Microscope Cylindrical Glass Slide Staining Jar Container Holder


AmScope SK-3 Acid Fast Stain Kit - 3 Stanis 4 Making Microscope Bacteria Slides


UNICO Slide Staining Rail 91005 Microscope Slides & Cover Slips


Sakura Tissue-Tek Plastic Microscope Slide Staining Jars with Lids Bath Cytology


Microscope Stains Vital Stain Kit Staining Biology Different Technique Series


McCrone 10X Dispersion Staining Objective for 160mm MTL Microscopes


A lot of 8 White Plastic Microscope Slides Staining Dishes without Lid


DIN Finite Dispersion Staining Objective 10x Asbestos PLM Polarizing Microscope




2 in 1 White Plastic 24 Places Microscope Slides Staining Rack Dish Set


Plastic Staining Jar and Rack for Microscope Slides, New


Vital Stain Kit - 7 Different Stains for Staining Biology Microscope Slides


Economy Microscope Slide Staining Kit includes 3 Stains


Vixen Microscope Accessories Staining Solution Basic Set 24027-2 New D


2 in 1 White 24 Pieces Microscope Slides Staining Rack Dish Set T1


1pcs Slide Staining Rack Frame Rack White Plastic 24 Slots for Microscope Slides


Plastic Covered 24 Slots Staining Jar Rack White for Microscope Slides


NEW 4x2 L Beckman Coulter TruColor Wright Stain Buffer Blood Microscope Slides


Eosin Y, Dye 4ea 500ML bottles in vitro cytoplasmic stain microscope pathology


36 Vintage Glass Prepared Microscope Slides Histology Pathology Red Stain EH-1


33 Vintage Microscope Slides + Case Yolk Sac Eosin Stain Histology Pathology


4ea Electron Microscope GridStick Kit Staining Pipettes